What is White Marsh Theod?

White Marsh Theod, the "People of the White Marsh" is an Anglo-Saxon expression of the ever continuing cultural and religious experiment known as Theodish Belief, or the "belief of the tribe". White Marsh Theod is no less than an attempt to restore the ancient pre-Christian conversion social and religious structure of the English peoples. Through the application of rigorous academic research, and a healthy dose of artistic expression, we seek to rekindle the ancient ways of thinking, being, and doing in our souls. Through our efforts we hope to once again establish a tribal identity and reintegrate ourselves with the worlds around us; seen and unseen.

No mere social network, White Marsh Theod is made up of individuals interwoven by bonds of blood (kinship) and oaths (artificial kinship), forming an interdependent collective and Gestalt greater than its constituent parts. Such a structure requires a greater commitment than most are willing to provide, and our way is by design difficult and may not be for everyone.  However, for those willing to invest their time and energies we believe the fruits of said labors will be all the more sweet.

White Marsh Theod is currently made up of two congregations: Berkshire and Wednesbury Shire. We also have "proto-shires" forming in central Virginia and Illinois.

Each shire gathers together locally throughout the year to enjoy each other's fellowship, to celebrate the seasonal tides / agrarian cycles of our fore bearers, and to give thanks to our gods for their boons and bounty. Every three years we host a gathering of all the shires for a grand meeting we call the "folk moot".