The White Marsh Theod Book-hoard

White Marsh Theod has an extensive collection of books available to its members for research, entertainment, and personal enrichment. We are always acquiring new titles for our book-hoard, and will add to this "far from complete" list as time and circumstance allows. If you are interested in borrowing a title, please email our Alderman to make arrangements. Books marked with a ♠ can not be borrowed, but you may set up a time to view them in-house.


Augustyn, Prisca  2002. "The Semiotics of Fate, Death, and the Soul in Germanic Culture: The Christianization of Old Saxon"  ♠

Aðalsteinsson, Jón  1998. "A Piece of Horse Liver: Myth, Ritual and Folklore in Old Icelandic Studies"

Chaney, William A.  1970. "The Cult of Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England"

Dumézil, Georges  1988. "Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty"

Enright, Michael  1995. "Lady With a Mead Cup: Ritual Prophecy and Lordship in the European Warband from La Tene to the Viking Age"

_____________  2006. "The Sutton Hoo Sceptre and the Roots of Celtic Kingship Theory"

Greer, John Michael  2005. "A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism"

Griffiths, Bill  1996. "Aspects of Anglo Saxon Magic"

Kershaw, Kris  2000. "The One-eyed God: Odin and the (Indo-)Germanic Männerbünde"

Murphy, G. Ronald  1992. "The Heliand: The Saxon Gospel"

______________  2002. "The Owl, the Raven, and the Dove: The Religious Meaning of Grimms' Magic Fairytales"

______________  1995. The Saxon Savior: The Germanic Transformation of the Gospel in the Ninth-Century Heliand"

North, Richard  1998. "Heathen Gods in Old English Literature"

Pollington, Stephen  2003. "The Meadhall: Feasting Tradition in Anglo-Saxon England"

Seebohm, Frederic  1911. "Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon Law"


Gundarsson, Kveldulf  1994. "Teutonic Magic"

________________   1993.  "Teutonic Religion"

Lord, Garman  2000. "The Way of the Heathen"


Branston, Brian  2005. "The Way of Wyrd"

Grundy, Stephan  1997. "Attila's Treasure"

_____________  1994. "Rhinegold"