Midsummer / Litha 2011

June 25th


Thúnor (ÞórR) is the warder of mankind against the forces of chaos and destruction. The stalwart friend of the common man, he was, and continues to be, the most popular of the Anglo-Saxon gods. Armed with his mighty club, the þúnreslege, he pulverizes the forces of chaos that would seek to harm mankind. His greatest enemy is the great world-serpent, Eormengierd.  The strongest and bravest of the gods, he has an unmatched appetite for good ale and food.
White Marsh Theod has decided to place Thúnor first and foremost in it’s Litha celebration in thanks for the protection he has given over the last few months. This spring has seen unprecedented violent storms and tornados (physical embodiments of the forces of chaos) . It is our sincerest hope that our offerings are well received and that Thúnor will continue to ward our folk and bring the rains and gentle storms so important to the impending harvest-tide.
The word Litha means “to relax, relent” and as the sun reaches her height in station and might, we hope you will take the time to enjoy this lull in the season; a time when all the seeds for the year have been planted, and just before the hard work of the harvest begins.
In addition to our offerings of cakes and ale, we will be performing a Mummer’s-style play to recount the theft of Thúnor’s club, and its eventual return.

The celebration will take place in Rising Sun, Maryland. All White Marsh Theod members are encouraged to attend, and out of town friends are more than welcome to spend the weekend with us. We can provide you with a place to stay, or help you make hotel reservations should you prefer.

Come join us for a day of fun, food, and libations.

Event Size/Limitations/Exclusions

This event is open to members of White Marsh Theod and invited guests only. If you would like to invite a friend, please discuss it in advance with our Alderman

Please RSVP by e-mailing us so we can plan accordingly for the feast.