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White Marsh Press New Releases

May 30th, 2011

White Marsh Press has released the Second Edition of Eric Wódening's classic "The Old English Rune Poem: Translation and Interpretation". This expanded edition features an exploration into the realms of magic and divination in a clear and historically accurate fashion. Also, White Marsh Press has announced another upcoming title, "INGWAZ: An Examination and Exploration" by our Alderman, Brian Smith. This work represents a synthesis of Brian's research and religious practices over the last fifteen years, and seeks to shed new light on the foggy past of this enigmatic deity. The work challenges many commonly held assumptions, offers alternate (but theologically and historically sound) points of view, and explores the possible reasons for the ascension of Woden in Anglo-Saxon religion, and the ensuing decline of of the Ing cultus. The work is scheduled to be available just in time for Harvest.  Check out our publications section for more information.

White Marsh Press Opens

May 10, 2011
We are proud to report that our publishing arm, White Marsh Press, has gone live with the release of "The White Marsh Gealdrabóc" and the limited (100 copies) hardbound edition of the long awaited "We Are Our Deeds". We hope to have a new release every month for the rest of 2011, some new, some reprints of long lost classics. Check out our publications section for more information.

White Marsh Theod Goes Online

March 1, 2011

After several years with a minimal web presence, White Marsh Theod has dedicated the time and resources to create a community web page. This website's primary purpose shall be as a resource for our member community. Its secondary purpose will be to inform our members and friends of upcoming workshops and events. And its tertiary purpose will be as a general clearing house of information for those interested in our religion: Theodish Belief.