First Steps in Old English

Second Friday of each month, 8:00 PM
Instructor:  Brian Smith, Alderman

Have you ever wondered where the English language comes from? Have you ever wanted to read classic tales like Béowulf in their native tongue? Would you like to learn a "dead language" that is bursting with life, imagery, and poetry? 

Language is the essential key to understanding an ancient culture, because language is how culture describes itself and transmits itself. By learning an eldritch language, you are able to place yourself a bit closer to the mindset of the ancient pagans, and begin to see the world through their eyes.

White Marsh Theod will be hosting a series of twelve monthly lessons in Old English; lessons designed for the absolute beginner. Through a progression of simple steps, building upon previous steps, the student will be speaking and understanding Old English in a short period of time. If you can speak and read Modern English you can learn to read and speak Old English! 

These classes will consist of two-hour long sessions, and will have approximately two hours of homework between sessions. 

The lesson plan was developed by Stephen Pollington, a recognized expert on Old English language and Anglo-Saxon culture. 

Class Size/Limitations/Exclusions

This class is open to members of White Marsh Theod and non-members alike.

Space is limited for this course, so please reserve your place by e-mailing us today.